L’Oreal Office Building by IAMZ Design Studio, Modern Architecture Of Stockholm, Sweden

L’oreal office building in Stockholm, Sweden still amaze us… Ahmed Elseyofi is the main architect and Dilman Majid the technical supervisor. The design of the building is really unique and modern. The line and the holes was inspired by the water shapes under the sun. This shapes gives us a feeling of movement which reflect the spirit of movement reflecting a spirit of natural beauty of the company products, which makes the customers more beautiful and freshness. New_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architecture_worldofarchi_03 New_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architecture_worldofarchi_02 New_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architecture_worldofarchi_04 New_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architecture_worldofarchi_05New_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architecture_2New_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architecture_3New_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architectureNew_L'Oreal_Office_Building_by_IAMZ_Design_Studio_Modern_Architecture_Of_Stockholm_Sweden_representing_worlds_most_amazing_architecture_0


Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore – YouTube

Take a look at google’s proposal and listen to the ideas of Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick about building a “green” campus which breaks the boundaries between the built and natural environment…


The pyramid according to Herzog-de Meuron, Ingels, De Smedt

Pyramids in 2016?
Are we experiencing an Egyptian reincarnation?
No they are not Egyptians. They are a Swiss, a Danish and a Belgian architect who are revisiting the pyramids to give shape to offices and housing.
The Tour Triangle in Paris is poised to become a new point of reference on the metropolitan skyline. The architect intent is to present dynamic perceptions, sparkling a long distance dialogue with Tour Eiffel and giving a new visibility to Place de la Porte de Versailles. (Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
In Manhattan, architect Bjarke Ingels is also completing a pyramidal building near the Hudson river. This building has the advantage of lessening its effect of the neighbooring buildings giving its own appartments better exposure and amazing, extraordinary panoramic views. From the street it looks like a glass spire, from the river it seems as a pyramid.
In Helsinki, Julien de Smedt, built a pyramid named Sato. It’s a 3 tower residential complex connected by a special terrace covering with saunas and gardens… (I am moving there!!)

Herzog-de Meuron, Ingels and De Smedt JDS update and reinterpret the project theme of the pyramid

Source: The pyramid according to Herzog-de Meuron, Ingels, De Smedt


A 1950s silo becomes a home

A silo or a home???

Believe it or not… it’s a home!!!

In Arizona, the architect Christoph Kaiser transforms an unused silo into a welcoming home for two

Source: A 1950s silo becomes a home


Cucinella’s nursery in Guastalla | Abitare

Amazing nursery school in Guastalla made of wood and glass , and it’s actually a PUBLIC one…
We all need to get examples of that marvellous eco-sustainable nursery school!
It is available to host 120 children between age 0 and 3. This building is not only a place to educate children but also gives them the opportunity to respect nature and learn about the importance of eco-sustainability. A building that goes “green”, including ceiling heated by solar panels illuminated by big windows (that reduce electricity use) and full of sensorial stimuli offering children’s imagination to grow potentially.
Let’s get example and built an ecological enviromental friendly nursery school or kindergarten school in Greece!
Great Bravo to Mario Cucinella Architects who came up with that amazing idea!!!

Source: Cucinella’s nursery in Guastalla | Abitare


New Facade for Pushkinsky Cinema | Synthesis Design +Architecture –

A cinema building every country would envy it… This specific building encourages building interaction caused by the varied orientations of the hexagonal screen components creating a rich and moire effect which dissolves from opaque to transparent and back again, as you move around, through and within… What a great effect, what a great design…
Totally amazed!

Source: New Facade for Pushkinsky Cinema | Synthesis Design +Architecture –


Calatrava, the Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro | Abitare

A museum building that goes… “green”!
Photovoltaic panels that follows the sunset movement and water from the bay used in a heat exchange to cool the interior are some of the things we actually love in this building…
A great Bravo!

Source: Calatrava, the Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro | Abitare


Fire Building Construction: Building Exterior Wall Assembly Flammability: Have We Forgotten the Past 40 Years?

John Valiulis addresses the disturbing movement in the U.S. toward trading off exterior wall assembly fire performance safety requirements in the building code when internal sprinklers are present in buildings.

Source: Fire Building Construction: Building Exterior Wall Assembly Flammability: Have We Forgotten the Past 40 Years?


designtoproduction – Project – New InterContinental Davos Hotel

In its Alpine setting, the new InterContinental Davos Hotel with its softly shimmering, champagne-coloured façade is an extravagant eye-catcher. The abstract wave pattern of the building envelope evokes numerous associations: from a woven fabric to

Source: designtoproduction – Project – New InterContinental Davos Hotel