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The Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy 1.0 by SOM

Image © SOM SOM has created a 3D-printed structure that generates its own power and shares energy with a companion vehicle, providing a model for off-grid

Source: The Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy 1.0 by SOM



Wellness Center/ Dubai,United Arab Emirates

This is not only a wellness centre…
This bold design becomes an iconic point for the city due to its complex geometry. It even has a waterfall flowing into the lower level basement parking.
The water body is used to regulate the internal microclimate of the round-about cooling the air generated by the cross ventilation.
As I said in the beginning this in not only a wellness centre. It also includes a Medical Check-Up Clinic, Wellness Apartments, 10 Waterfront Villas, Hotel Apartment and Residential Apartments.   slides01-1920x1030slides5-1920x1030slides8-1920x1030slides11-1920x1030slides10b-1920x1030slides4-b-1920x1030 slides9-1920x1030


Gibus designs the bioclimatic pergola

Enjoy outdoor space even in wintertime with the new bioclimatic Med Twist Pergola. It provides you protection from any weather condition, even rain! It’s soundproofing & it ensures excellent drainage of rainwater. Is designed to creat a microclimate allowing light and air to pass through.
Time to drink our coffee outdoor listening to the the relaxing sound of raindrops…

The new bioclimatic Med Twist pergola from Gibus ensures perfect comfort

Source: Gibus designs the bioclimatic pergola